• Blarney Stones

    Blarney Stones

    This lucky treat sure will brighten up your week and bring your taste buds pure happiness. 🌈 This is like a dessert, but we’re calling it a snack so it’s accepting to eat it all throughout the day. It’s sweet and salty, extremely addictive and just so pretty to look at with all the colors!…

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  • Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

    Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

    The best ever buttermilk pancake recipe you ever did need! They are super easy and this batch is juuust big enough to share 😉 it’s what your weekend mornings crave and so will you!! These pancakes are super fluffy, making them the perfect sponges to soak up all that butter and maple syrup! I love…

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  • Kelce Krush

    Kelce Krush

    Are you guys ready for Super Bowl ?!?!?!?!? We are Eagles fans in this household. And this is the drink that you absolutely need for the big game day!!! It’s tropical, fun and green, of course. I have to warn you, they go down fast. 😝 Kelce Krush Recipe takes 5 minutes makes 1 drink…

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  • Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

    This is my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe and it is no fail, every time. Crispy edges, gooey center, mounds of chocolate. THE classic chocolate chip cookie. Santa may not even leave your house if you put these puppies out. My weird trick I do, and I really don’t know why it became a…

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