Breakfast Board

Aint she a beaut? I mean but seriously, look at her. Breakfast really is the most important meal of every day, why not spice it up? I used some staples here but making it a “pick your own” board really took it the extra mile. And the best part? Use what you have. All you need are a few simple ingredients and then let your creativity take the wheel. I won’t forget the look on my husband’s face when he saw this breakfast board, it really does take your breath away and is a super super awesome idea for a get together for brunch. Below I will share a few tips of mine to really make this puppy sparkle.

No sweat…

When picking the star of the board, make it a staple. For breakfast we have a few sweet options. Waffles, French Toast, Donuts & Pancakes. Don’t panic, go easy. Grab a boxed mix. You can either make waffles or pancakes out of the mix – no need to over complicate. Donuts, grab some of your favorite from your local bakery or classic Dunkin Donuts. If you want to really give that extra umph, home make some french toast. You can never go wrong. Which brings me to my next point…

Show some love…

At least one part of your board should be homemade. It just gives off that personal touch. For my board I chose to make some roasted hash browns and scrambled eggs. For the hash I just took some baby potatoes, quartered them and roasted them in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. When they were done I heavily seasoned them and for that fresh bite I added fresh dill on top. Chefs freakin kiss.

Fill in the gaps…

For the remainder of your board, pick your favorite sides. It can be anything and use what you have! Classic go to breakfast sides like sausage, bacon and fruit are must haves for me. I personally wanted some oranges on this board but I ran out so I used what I had which was fresh cut pineapple, watermelon and grapes. I like to mix fresh with the fatty salty meats to really cut through and lighten up the board.

& of course the sauces and toppings. We are a die hard ketchup family. So of course ketchup was on the board along with pure maple syrup and pads of butter.

And lastly…

Enjoy with your loved ones. This board is for sharing and really connecting. Lots of finger grabbing and picking so it really brings breakfast to a personal level. I hope you enjoy this just as much as we did ❤

How do you make a pancake smile??

You butter him up.


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