Wing Board

This that type of board I could eat all day any day, and especially, game day. This board comes together very easily depending on your approach. You can order wings from a restaurant and assemble, you can make these from scratch or you can pop frozen nuggets in your air fryer or oven and drench in your favorite sauces.


For this board I made one of the wings from scratch (recipe for those coming very soon) and the rest I used my favorite frozen nuggets. To add a little razzle dazzle I also did strips which added a nice dimension to the board. Go with your favorites!


Probably one of the easiest & hardest decisions. I could sauce my nuggets in everything but I tried to narrow down to my top favorites. Teriyaki, hot garlic, bbq & garlic parmesan. I always serve my wings with an extra side of the sauce because let’s be honest, you can never have enough. Then of course blue cheese and ranch. I have a very hard time picking between the two so why not have the best of both worlds!?


And to fill in between the cracks, obviously some fries! I love me a good curly fry. My husband is a waffle fry guy so I did those too. Carrots and celery are also a must, can’t have wings without the crunch of fresh veggies! I also added some of my homemade dill pickles next to the hot garlic tenders. They remind me of a crispy chicken sandwich and I just love pickles with hot wings. The tart really cuts through the heat.


The most important part. Enjoy your wing board. This board is a HUGE hit in our house especially during football season. Get together with friends, grab your favorite drink, cheers and dig in!! & don’t forget the wet naps!

What do you get when you cross a chicken and a ghost?

A poultry-geist


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