Claire’s Sandwich

You ever just see or smell a food and get thrown into a place of warmth? That is what this sandwich does for me. I know it’s a sandwich but it comes with so many memories.


My sweet Nana, Claire. She had this sandwich every single day for lunch, on her couch, while watching her favorite soaps (the young and the restless, obvi). Nana made this sandwich with white Italian seeded bread, smeared with miracle whip, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato. But what Nana did with the tomato, she would sprinkle on black pepper and salt. I can smell this sandwich writing about it. I am also coming to tears, I miss her so much. Nan would eat this sandwich with a folded napkin on her lap, a side of bread and butter pickles (usually the long flat slices or crinkle coins) and she washed it all down with a nice cold can of Mountain Dew or Sunkist.

The Tomato

Some days I don’t even pack myself lunch for work because I am rushing in the morning but one day I had the time and I was craving a good turkey sandwich. I didn’t even think I just threw it together only, I had a few differences for mine. I used Hellmans, a little bit of mustard, Turkey, Arugula, Onion, Tomato. It wasn’t until I was salt and peppering the tomato that I realized, I am having a Classic Claire Sandwich. And then the memories flooded. Served with a dill pickle spear and Coke Zero.

My Favorite Memory

No matter what day it was, if it was a busy one or a long one, Claire always made time for this sandwich. It’s a memory like this that will stay with me forever and one day I will be eating this sandwich, watching my favorite soaps, with my grandkids. I hope to be as sweet as she was, love you Nan.


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