New Name, Who Dis?

Yooohooooo! You’re probably wondering what happened and I’m here to spill.

So basically ..

I’ll make this short. My old website was blocked for YEARS. I am literally not joking, years – from instagram & facebook. I have no idea why and I’ve fought back countless times about it and it just became super frustrating. So much to the point I didn’t even really want to post anymore. I had to spend money putting towards a third party to even get my content out there and it just killed the drive. I honestly am scared to even put my new website out there in case this happens again so please pray for me LOL. I can’t handle another rejection.

So the name. Why did I change it?

I felt I needed something new, like a fresh start and this name just came to me. Literally just hit me one morning. I made a list and it was the first name I wrote down. I walked around our house for weeks saying the name to myself over and over again. I just think it’s so adorable. thehungrycrumb. Not to mention, I am ALWAYS hungry and ALWAYS dropping crumbs lol. & just like that it stuck. ELG was my day 1 name and a ton of my food revolved around garlic. Now, not so much. I will of course miss the old name and I’m sad to retire it but this girl is ready for NEW beginnings.

So now what?

For those who have always supported me and are still here, thank you. I know I have not been consistent but I am working to be. This stuff aint easy, especially when it is not my full time job. One day….hehe. And just get ready for more new recipes!!! And for those that are brand new here and have NO idea what I am talking about, hi 🙂 and WELCOME! Glad to have you.

xo – thehungrycrumb


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