• Big Mac Quesadillas

    Big Mac Quesadillas

    WELCOME !!!! I am so excited that you are here!!!! & what better way to start this new chapter off than with a new tasty recipe?! I give to you, the *cheeseburger quesadilla* But not just any cheeseburger quesadilla, and no not the one you may be familiar with from Applebee’s – which is one…

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  • New Name, Who Dis?

    New Name, Who Dis?

    Yooohooooo! You’re probably wondering what happened and I’m here to spill. So basically .. I’ll make this short. My old website was blocked for YEARS. I am literally not joking, years – from instagram & facebook. I have no idea why and I’ve fought back countless times about it and it just became super frustrating.…

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