Wing Nachos

I don’t think there’s a Nacho I’ve met that I didn’t like. Nachos are that kind of dish that can be served as a picky app or a whole meal as it is. I find these are so perfect for game day. I make a huge sheet and watch it disappear before my eyes.

The Wings

I just took some boneless wings I had in the freezer, or chicken nuggies, air fried them, cut them and drenched in my favorite sauces. That’s it. You can use leftover wings from last night, fresh wings from your favorite restaurant or do what I did. Do what works for you 🙂 I wanted to do two different sauces for my wings so half I did of course my fav, Bachans & the other half BWW asian zing.

The Toppings

Since I went with a teriyaki, Asian zing route I chose shallots, tomato and green onion as my toppings. Simple, colorful and the green onion really pops. It was a great substitute for traditional lettuce. I also loaded on the cheese. I used cheddar, colby jack and mozzarella. Go hard and don’t go home. And of course, sour cream. Never ditch the sour cream.

How to nachos dance?

They do the salsa.


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